Nothing But Sunshine

Hitched. Jumped the broom. Tied the knot. Wedded. Whatever you like to call it, guys, we did it and it's official! No wedding pictures back yet, but I am overwhelmingly, unspeakably happy.

We spent a couple days here, and then drove down to Columbus to browse and window shop like crazy on the Short North, drink copious amounts of coffee, and eat amazing food (Katzinger's, anyone?). Also, if you've never heard of the Book Loft, you're missing out. Seriously.

I scored these little guys in an antique store somewhere along the way. 9$ for a perfect little trio of an alpaca, a llama, and a deer! What's not to love? I typically don't have great luck when out thrifting, but I think I got lucky this time. I dragged DH to a LYS while we were there, too. It's lovely to be married to a guy who is such a good sport about things like that.
Still not quite finished with my big WIP, but--as you can see--it's coming right along! Mmm, garter stitch. Give it another week or two. Speaking of patterns, I've recently been at work on creating PDFs from my iPad, so hopefully you'll be able to download offline versions of my patterns soon, too! If anyone else has experience with this, I'd love to hear about your experiences!

So far, spring has been very good to me--hopefully everyone else is out there loving life, too.


  1. Congratulations!!! Getting married, drinking coffee, and thrift shopping? What can be more perfect than that??

  2. I want to see pictures as soon as you get them!!
    I'm glad your so fabulously happy! Love ya sis!

  3. Evelyn--It WAS perfect. I'm so glad we chose such a laid-back trip for our honeymoon, it let us focus on each other and on having fun!