Styling Cowls for Spring!

What happens when my favorite season (Spring!) and my favorite knit accessory (cowls!) collide? Let's find out! We're already experiencing warm weather here in the ATL, so I've got Spring on my mind! I decided to find outfit inspiration starring two of my cowl patterns. 
♥ Check it out:

The cheerful floral top makes this light layering combo perfect for spring. I love the flats and the vintage-y earrings. Knit Jaymie in a light-weight wool in the same espresso color as the sassy bag for a balanced look.
Get pattern here.
Suggested yarn: Quince & Co Chickadee in Sedum.

I love the trend of pairing neon brights with neutrals. This outfit would look great with the addition of a camel-colored version of Kingsley to keep your neck or shoulders warm on a cool spring evening -- date night, anyone? And check out that clutch!
Get pattern here.
Suggested yarn: Brown Sheep Burly Spun in Oatmeal.

Be ready for April showers with a sweetly preppy raincoat. This outfit is pared-down and classic, so a Kingsley in pearl grey would be the perfect finishing touch to dress up the simple tee.
Get pattern here.
Suggested yarn: Malabrigo Rasta in Plomo.

I have a weakness for artfully swingy harem pants, especially when adorned with gorgeous colors & prints. Let your personality shine on the bottom, but keep it simple up top. A solid pastel shift blouse would go perfectly, topped with a breezy cotton version of Jaymie. 
Get pattern here.
Suggested yarn: Blue Sky Alpaca Skinny Cotton in Pear.

Hope this leaves you feeling inspired to dress for spring! 
I know I can't wait to update my own wardrobe...


New Pattern: Meet Kingsley

Introducing my latest pattern -- the Kingsley cowl! ♥

I am a world-class procrastinator, and this pattern is a pretty classic example of my procrastination skills, since I finished the sample (and photos!) in November of 2011.

Yes, you heard me, 2011. Ai-yi-yi!

I'm still pretty proud of this one, regardless.
Kingsley features uber-cozy wool roving yarn, sweet cables, and bobbled accents.
It's big enough to wear wrapped single, double, or as a sexy little shoulder wrap over a winter dress.
Chunky yarn and size 13 needles equal breezy fast knitting. 
Perfect for knitting on a deadline, whether that's a Valentine's gift for a treasured friend, 
or competing in the 2014 Ravellenic Games.

Plus, for the next week, you can get a 25% discount when you buy multiple patterns from my Ravelry store using the coupon code "kingsleyishere"! 

Love it? Pop over to Ravelry and grab the pattern now!


Crave This! Winter 2014

There's been a wonderful array of pretty knits, patterns, and projects waltzing like sugar plums in my head this winter! Beautiful people making beautiful things -- what a lovely gift!

And so, some lovelies to hold us over until spring:

the projects ♥
The stitch pattern on these sweet mitts evokes snowflakes and sparkly icicles. Plus, the pattern is free, so why not capture some of this simple elegance for yourself?

A cropped cardi is the perfect winter layering piece.

My girly side is all aflutter over over knittingtastic's version of this hat from Pom-Pom Quarterly.

I love the trendy neon stripes adoring this scarf.

the patterns ♥
I'm a huge fan of Ms. Caitlin ffrench, and there's just something so irresistible about bulky lace--especially in the wintertime. I want one of these in every color.

The neutral color palette makes this pair of legwarmers a total classic.

A stunning pinstripe scarf from Purl Soho? Ditto.

Speaking of big, bulky, yummy knits -- check out this crazy accessory by Leethal.

the people ♥
Brooklyn Tweed's Winter '14 collection is here -- and it's a stunner.

Alex Tinsley is pretty much the coolest, and so is her brand-new book Doomsday Knits.

Leave it to Ysolda to come up with a uniquely stylish Mystery KAL.

Finally, have you heard of swants yet?

♥ ♥ ♥


Fifty States of Bondage: Fighting Abuse With Crafting...

This morning, I read this disturbing piece by Nick Kristof, detailing some of the problems women face worldwide. Sexual abuse, domestic violence, human trafficking--horrifying situations almost too tragic to imagine, and yet lived out in reality by hundreds of thousands of women and girls worldwide. 

One Billion Rising estimates that one out of three women worldwide will be raped or beaten in her lifetime.

It's heartbreaking.

As an American with a fair amount of privilege, I've noticed that we tend to think of those problems as being "out there"--someone else's problem. Things that happen somewhere "else". But what are we doing here?

Congress failed to re-authorize the Violence Against Women Act, a bipartisan piece of legislation that extends protection to victims of rape and sexual assault.

An international version of that same act also failed.

Finally, the Trafficking Victims Protection Act, directed at combating the ever-serious issue of human trafficking, was allowed to expire in 2011.

This is inexcusable. 

I am too angry, too heartsick, and too hurt to do nothing--so will you join me in doing something?

My goal is to send every single member of the Senate a handcrafted set of chains or handcuffs, symbolizing the bondage that real women experience every day as a result of abuse or trafficking. These items will each be accompanied by a letter asking that Senator to renew these three pieces of legislation and make a difference for women everywhere.


1. E-mail me at newportcreativeco(at)gmail.com. I'll send you the name and mailing address of a Senator, along with a sample letter that you can use or adapt as you see fit to include with your chains or cuffs. If you're a US citizen, include your home state & I'll try to match you with one of your senators!

2. Craft a set of handcuffs or chains. Knit them, crochet them, draw them, paint them--whatever speaks to you creatively! Not very crafty? Make an old-school paper chain like you did in kindergarten. 
Knitters: You can find a free pattern for handcuffs here.
Crocheters: You can find a free pattern for handcuffs here

3. Mail your handiwork and your letter to your assigned Senator no later than February 14th. 

Throughout the project, I'll be posting occasional updates on our progress here, so watch this space! 

I also encourage everyone to consider helping victims of abuse & violence in other ways throughout 2013 as well. Volunteer at your local women's shelter. Donate to organizations that fight trafficking. Support women's co-ops by buying their products. Pray, love, give light.

As the saying goes, we don't protest just to change the world, 
we also do it to keep the world from changing us!


And it's out!

If you haven't spotted it on Ravelry yet, I'd like to take a quick minute and introduce you to my newest pattern design--the Alex Headband!

This super-quick little accessory is easy, mindless knitting for fall road trips, bonfire, or BFF chat sessions shared over a pumpkin latte! Because the pattern instructions allow for a custom-knit fit, you can easily substitute your own favorite yarn--maybe even in a super-bulky yarn & big needles for oversized chic! However, I picked one of my long-time favorites, Quince & Co's Chickadee yarn. One skein makes 2-4 headbands depending on sizing, and the colors are just darling!

The pattern includes photos & instructions for 5 different braid/twist variations, so you'll definitely want to make more than one of these sweet accessories!

This design is heavily inspired by all the ah-mazing headbands (and accompanying hairstyles!) that have been popping up on the runway and subsequently everywhere else, like this one from Oscar De La Renta:

Feeling a little girly? Knit Alex in the Petal colorway and add a sparkly pin! Pair it with a white blazer, silky cami, and navy skinny jeans for date night glam. 

I also loved seeing all these fun hairstyles for headbands, including a look by one of my top style inspirations, Alexa Chung--hence the pattern name!

You can find the pattern (and more details) on Ravelry here! DovieCaba is the lucky winner of a free copy of the pattern--send me an e-mail or Ravelry message to claim your prize--and everyone else can take 20% off from now until October 1st by entering the code "style5" at check-out! ♥

I can't wait to see how you all wear it! Happy knitting!

P.S. Pattern photos were shot by the lovely Ali Mercer of boomergarcowski.com. If you liked them, you should definitely take a little peek at her website & give her some kudos--she was awesome to work with and didn't mind having a complete stranger dictate to her about knitting photos! xoxo