C'est fini

Perhaps I should start saving my FO's for Fridays, but I just couldn't resist showing off this guy as soon as I had all the ends woven in.
Grayson is knit in three contrasting colors of Knitpicks Palette at a looser gauge for lots of drape and minimal warmth, so I can throw it on as a layering piece for spring mornings or summer evenings.

I'd never worked with Palette before and was a little skeptical, but I'm really pleased with the result. The yarn looks a little flimsy and cheap in the skein, but the finished fabric has that nice, cushy sturdiness of wool, with lots of loft. Plus, it's easy on the wallet--what's not to love about that?
The finished pattern is probably going to include instructions for a shorter and a scarf version as well, and will be able for PDF download! ♥ When my laptop died several months ago, I bought a first generation iPad to replace it, hoping that some of the tools and apps available for it would be useful to me as a knitter and a blogger. I haven't always found it to be as convenient as I'd hoped, but I am simply thrilled with how the PDF versions of my patterns are turning out, and I can't wait to share!

So, anyways, what are you working on this week?


  1. It's so pretty! I love the colors. Beautiful.

  2. I love this and can't wait to see the pattern. Grayson has such a nice elegant and sophisticated look -- perfect dressed up or down, I imagine. Working on too many WIPs this week including a granny square afghan to send to the tornado victims down south, a baby blanket commission, and the brulee scarf for some easy, mindless knitting. You don't want to know what's on my que!