Merry May

It's been a lovely, if slightly harried, few days. I've done a good job sticking to my goal of being the most laid-back bride in recent history, and resulting have still had plenty of time to stop and smell the roses--despite the big day being just three short days away.

The FH and I have been doing a lot more cooking together than we usually do. I think I'm feeling the urge to Donna Reed it up since I'm about to be a bride. We've had these amazing cheddar & apple sandwiches twice in the last week--once sitting in the park with our feet dangling in the water, and again today while watching the rain from our breakfast nook.

If you've been a reader for a while, you probably remember my love of all things Leethal. In fact, you can even still find the interview I did with her in the Cravings archives. A while ago, she 'unvented' a technique she calls the Sideways Edge cast-on, a nifty little bit of stitch witchery that allows you to knit in perpendicular directions without picking up stitches. It's really sort of genius.
She came up with a few neat patterns utilizing the stitch (see here and here), but I haven't really noticed other designers picking up on it just yet--so I'm going to do just that.

My current WIP (which you don't get to peek at just yet!) is a cowl designed to show off the technique as much as possible. I'm terribly excited about it. It's quick, pretty, and it has delicious garter stitch stripes. I'm thinking it'll getting finished up this weekend during our casual honeymoon. Knitting during the post-sex glow is okay, right? (Sorry to be working blue, dear reader--I'm a bit open about sex for being one of those waited-until-marriage chicks. I promise no play-by-play will ever show it's face here, however.)

In the meantime, though, anyone living in Northeast Ohio should come check out Canton's First Friday this weekend! I'll be there selling knits, wearable art, regular art, and anything else crafty I can throw together before then!

Also, it's been pouring down rain all day today, and it's unspeakably beautiful. ♥

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