Taxi? Taxi!

set2 022  
Remember that hat I knit in the backseats of various Beijing taxis? I'm normally really bad at taking FO photos, but I'm trying to work on myself a little. Plus, sunny autumn days are the perfect time to photograph knitted stuff--especially when you have a mini-forest in your backyard. So, courtesy of my gorgeous little sister, I have pictures for you.

set2 004

When I finished this hat, I'd tried it on and just hated it. Like, really hated it. My hair is at that length where it's too long to tuck into a hat, but not long enough to hang gracefully from under one either. Putting on this one in particularly just emphasized that and made me a little grouchy. I was ready to frog.
However, I asked Hope to try it on before I did so I could get a better look at it--and guess what?

set2 010

It looks perfect on her.

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