Here We Go Home

In the past week, I have:

-Flown about seven thousand miles.
-Kissed a special guy more than once.
-Hugged lots of friends and family that I hadn't seen for 3 months.
-Gotten my perfect wedding dress, with a little help.
-Passed out candy to little bees, princesses, and ghouls.

-Drank about fifty delicious lattes from Muggswigz.
-Been rehired as a barista at said coffeeshop.
-Successfully replicated Xining food for my family to try.
-Beat my fiance at many, many games of Monopoly Deal.
-Finished my Taxi Hat.

-Started knitting a Harpa Sock (my plane project), 
and put it down as many times as I picked it up.
-Finally figured out what was wrong with my sock.
-Gone to sleep at every time but a normal bedtime.
-Gone to a church where I didn't have to prove I had a foreign ID.
-Avoided unpacking, despite my suitcase glaring at me from the corner.

-Smiled. A lot.

Regular blogging returns sometime in this week! :)

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