Indulging Away

set2 060

It seems that even when I don't have a paycheck coming my way until next month, I still can't control my yarn cravings. I'd originally had to make a quick trip to the store to pick up something to include in an upcoming swap package, and ended up grabbing a few things just because they were pretty. Not surprisingly, the 'grab it because it's pretty' logic ends up in a lot of extra stuff. I needed one skein of something nice for my swap partner... and had six skeins in my bag when I left. I don't know how that happens.

Going online is dangerous, too--especially now that Ravelry has banner ads. 

set2 084

I wonder how those three skeins of Lark by Quince & Co got there... Really.
I certainly didn't start drooling when I saw the website or anything.

(ps. That Quince & Co. stuff? TOTALLY worth being broke for the next three weeks--it's splendidly soft and squashy.)


  1. I have the same issue when I visit my lys. I call it grabitis. New colors always grab my attention and then I grab them to purchase.

  2. I try to translate my cravings into Lion Brand or something...but woman cannot live on Wool-Ease alone. I recently tried to substitute some Lion Brand Amazing for Noro Kureyon...didn't work.