Pattern: Audacity

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The taxi hat is back--this time with a swanky new name and a pattern to go with! Audacity is a simple knit, with some intarsia for extra jazz, and uses less than one skein of Rowan Tweed. It's a little slouchy, with prettily puckered decreases at the top, and the corrugated style of colorwork adds texture. It's fun, fast, and a stylish way to keep the cold out--just in time for the first snow of the season!

As always, I'm around if you have any queries or complaints.

Needle size: US 5, 4 DPNs
Yarn: MC-1 skein Rowan Felted Tweed; CC-About 30-40 yds Cascade Dolce
Gauge: 14 stitches and 20 rows in 2 inches

Cast on 120 stitches loosely, divide between three DPNs, join in the round.
-Rounds 1-7: Knit in 3x2 ribbing.
-Round 8: *Knit 10, YO* around. (132 stitches total)
-Round 9: Knit 60 stitches, work first row of color chart, knit to finish round.
-Repeat Round 9 until chart is completed, purling all CC stitches.
-Knit in the round until work measures 7.5 inches in total, or until desired length.
Begin decrease rounds:
-Round 1: *Knit 4, K2tog* around.
-Round 2: *Knit 3, K2tog* around.
-Round 3: *Knit 2, K2tog* around.
-Round 4: *Knit 1, K2tog* around.
-Round 5: K2tog around.
Cut yarn and thread tail through remaining live stitches, pull tight. Weave in ends.

Color Chart:
A few little hints about this chart... You're probably going to want to clip the contrast yarn at the end of each row so you can start back at the beginning of the intarsia without having huge dangly bits across the back of your work. It means more ends to weave in, but it'll be neater than mine. You can also carry the contrast yarn all the way around for a warmer hat, or even duplicate stitch the chart in afterwards. Do whatever is most comfortable for you!

You can also extend the chart pattern out really easily by simply adding more columns. The hat you see in the photos has eleven color columns. I think the more you have, the prettier and more dramatic the finished effect is! Or you can make each column wider for a different look. ♥

And that's all for now! Have fun, lovelies!

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  1. Thanks for the pattern! I was hoping that you would write one up when I saw your previous post on it. I happen to have 1 skein of felted tweed that was looking for a project. The hat looks great on your sister, too!