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I'm a huge fan of blissfully cool autumn days filled with sunshine--and there's been an abundance of those around here lately. Small town America never looks more beautiful than it does this time of year. I'm back at work this week, which just makes the free time I have to spend outdoors on days like today more poignant. One of my favorite things about this season is how fleeting it is. So I spent my day off luxuriating in all of it as much as possible.

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I don't know who invented hammocks, but I think that person might just be my new best friend. The book I'm reading was one I grabbed today at the thrift store, along with a plaid fleece scarf and a couple giant cardigans to nestle into so I can continue to avoid wearing a coat. It was a decent read, just intriguing enough to keep me hooked. 

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And, of course, no day off is complete without a little bit of mid-week date time at (where else?) Muggswigz. We talked, played Monopoly Deal, drank giant frou-frou lattes, and I knitted. My current WIP under construction is part of what I have planned for some of that yarn I bought last week, as well as one of the leftover mystery skeins I brought with me from China. The other great thing about autumn? It's the perfect time for tons of knitting and hot drinks--nothing could be more perfect.

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