Crave This! November

It's the 15th of the month, and that means another Crave This! photo/link round-up of everything really gorgeous I've spotted on the internet in the past thirty-one days! Just like last time, all photos and work belong to the original creators, and you should click through to their sites if you like what you see! With that in mind, here's this month's dose of inspiration:

1-Read This!
Someday they're probably going to take over the world, but for now they're just the focus of the cutest tiny coloring book on Etsy. 

If you get inspired to do some sketching yourself, another find from Etsy might just be the ticket. These stunning little notebooks come in sets of three--isn't that lovely?

And now, couches can have captions. Or their own Scrabble tournaments. I'm such a geek for saying this, but I find these pretty adorable.

Be wary of this one--once you get a good look at the blog Park & Cube you won't be able to stop. It's much, much worse than porn.

2-Wear It Like This!
One of my favorite things is when people take something they love and turn it into a particularly beautiful & relevant form of activism. The Uniform Project is a seriously cool example.

All of the items in yarnovermovement's Etsy shop are fairly simple knits, but the sassy, smart attitude of the styling and photos makes me want to buy them all anyway.

I spotted this bag on Craftster, and was incredulous enough to doublecheck to make sure that it actually was handmade! If you feel the need to attempt one yourself, the tutorial is here.

3-Knit This!
Jared Flood of Brooklyn Tweed recently introduced his own line of gorgeous yarn, made in the USA from American wool. This probably isn't the first you've heard of Shelter, but I just have to rave a little more about what eye candy it is. Give me a Christmas stocking full of it and I'll be thrilled.

I continually put off making mittens for some reason, but this pair might change my mind. (Plus, I bet they'd look fabulous knit up in Shelter!)

I'm not normally a fan of stripes like the ones on Briana Arlene's scarf, but anything fun that gathers and drapes is fine by me. Scrunch it up tight for extra warmth when the snowstorm hits, then let it out loose when sitting around the bonfire with hot cocoa? Perfect.

And the detail in this lace patterned hat is what makes me proud to be a knitter. You really cannot buy anything that pretty, you just can't.

4-Try This!
This tutorial from cutoutandkeep.net is a great example of upcycling. If I end up having a handmade(ish) wedding, these will be making an appearance as centerpieces or placecards!

Another great use for old magazines or paper from the same site, because it never hurts to make everyday stuff a work of art--even if its just envelopes.

Stonesoup is all about cooking simply, while still creating amazing & original meals. Jules Clancy shares lots of recipes like this one for free on her blog, as well as a self-published e-cookbook. Delicious!

And with that, this month's edition of Crave This! comes to a close.
Enjoy the rest of November, and happy cravings!

If you know of something that deserves a mention in December's Crave This!, do a good deed and leave a comment with a linky! Self-promotion is allowed but not encouraged, and it's up to me to decide what ends up in my posts! This is a chance for us to support others like us in the crafty community through sharing, so keep that in mind and remember to spread the love!

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  1. Very interesting stuff. I like how clean your blog is. Very easy to read and enjoy. Saw your link on the RAV RAK list and had to click :) Happy knitting/blogging