Go For The Gold

Despite all of the kerfuffle surrounding this year's Ravelxxxpics, here we are yet again anyway--casting on with bated breath, hopeful hearts, and dreams of Olyxxxc glory!

Although, so far my tentative goals don't actually include much casting on...

Instead, I'll be attempting to learn a whole new craft--spinning!
I've been in possession of a dandy little top-whorl spindle for over a year now, but it's mostly just been gathering dust and looking guilt-inducingly sad. I've always really wanted to learn how to spin, but (unfortunately) my small town doesn't offer much in the way of crafting classes and the book I'd gotten originally probably confused me more than it helped me. And, no, I won't name names here, since it's probably still a great book.
But, thank the knitting gods that Youtube exists!
I'm using a great set of video tutorials by Megan LaCore which demonstrate the park method on a top-whorl spindle.
You can find those here, by the way.

My plan is to spin a two-ply bulky (ish) weight yarn out of the cream roving as a "training" skein. I'll be blending bits of the colored fibers into the roving while pre-drafting, so the finished yarn will have a slightly tweedy look. Hopefully, anyway! It's a little ambitious, but I wanted to be sure I was spinning something I'd have fun with, rather than just plain cream wool.
I think I'm off to a pretty good start so far, and I might definitely end up being a spinning addict!

What are you all working on?
My favorite part of the Games is seeing everyone else's projects! ♥

Also, I'm super excited to share that I contributed an article about the Ravelxxxpics controversy to Issue 6 of Entangled Magazine! This is a really fun issue, and I'm so honored to be a part of it!

With that said, I'm off to keep on spinning my way through the 2012 Games!
Good luck, everyone!

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