New York, I Love You

I have discovered that I am definitely a big city girl at heart, despite my country mouse roots. Taking to the Big Apple like a fish to water only confirmed it. The trip was amazing, so much better than I could have anticipated.

After all, what is there not to love about a trip where you're constantly surrounded by some of the best cappuccinos in the USA? This one was made by my friend Jillian during her practice session, and it was de-li-cious!

Needless to say, our first couple days were a little crazy with coffee. Learning, watching, practicing, crafting...

...And competing under the lights.

But, once we were done competing, the three of us hit the town--trekking all over Soho with a few great stops! Purl Soho, of course, the Chelsea market, lunch in Chinatown, and the extraordinary Harney & Sons. I might have come away with some Madeleine Tosh yarn for my stash, but don't tell FH!

One of the best parts, though? All the time spent in the car to get there and back meant lots of WIP-busting!

Pattern: Here.
Yarn: Quince & Co. Lark

Pattern: Here.
Yarn: Cascade Yarns' Venezia Worsted

♥ And there you have it, one lovely weekend in the city.

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  1. Great to read about your whirlwind weekend to NYC. What's not to love about the energy, the coffee, and the knitting, right? Terrific WIPs or I should say FOs!