Pocketful of Dreams

Just under six weeks until the big day... Which means it's possibly already past time for a wedding moodboard. However, never deterred by convention, this blogger will carry on anyway.

An out-of-doors wedding means casual is queen--beautifully tousled hair, flat shoes, and au naturel make-up become must-haves. And, of course, a liberal use of flowers is just that much more welcome. In the hands of the bride...

Or as decorations for tables...

...Or backdrops.

I'm planning to recreate this particular look by winding silver ribbons around branches interspersed with yellow roses or daisies.

I really love this combination--it's the perfect blend of the elegantly feminine and the cheerfully whimsical. Bold pops of color are perfect for mid-spring, and I will wholeheartedly embrace them every chance I get. Especially in the little details. I'm hoping to find some earrings like these incredibly darling ones, except with pearl drops instead of rhinestones, to match the triple stand I'll be wearing around my neck.

My grey & yellow obsession may have started with Ysolda. After all, she is looking lovely in her interpretation of this color pairing.

...But, I will never know for sure.

I'm just lucky that everyone else is hopping on the bandwagon, because my heart was set on wearing TOMS. The heels of your pumps getting stuck in the grass is so last year.

Now all I need to do is find and knit the perfect wrap to wear over my dress, in case of spring breezes...

Wish me luck. ♥

(All of these and more were found via Pinterest.)


  1. Please,please, please do your hair like that! This is going to be such a gorgeous wedding, I can't wait! :D

  2. How exciting! Everything sounds absolutely gorgeous. Congrats!