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I cannot believe how much time I've let slip away since my last post. We're halfway through January already, and I'm right in the middle of some serious winter blues. It's so hard for me to get anything done that isn't sleeping or eating or foaming milk. I know I'm behind on everything--hopefully this is my week to get caught back up. 
Sorry, guys. Bear with me?

Anyways. What's new? 

We got the little house we wanted to rent! We're old-fashioned though, so I don't move in until after the wedding in May, but I'm still terribly excited. There's so much decorating and things to do before then, and I have tons of dishes and other little things packed away for it. It's got loads of potential and even a little garden for planting roses in once spring gets here.

Someone even left these little porcelain knick-knacks behind in a corner of the flower bed. I think they're lucky, don't you?

Meanwhile, winter really has arrived with a vengeance. We had about two days of thawing after New Year's but I don't think it's stopped snowing since. That didn't stop the monthly arts festival downtown, however, and  it left a bunch of ice sculptures in its wake...

I had a birthday earlier this month and celebrated with vegan chocolate cake (so much better than you'd think!) and lots of homemade Chinese food. I got to pick out my own gifts for the most part this year, so I went a little crazy online. You'd think I'd have the sense to put myself on a yarn diet as one of my 2011 resolutions, but instead I ended up on the Quince & Co website. Again. 
Two darling shades of Puffin. I haven't knit with it yet, but by fondling alone it's my favorite of their yarns. Woolen and fuzzy and just perfect. I want everything I knit with to be so darn huggable. 

Speaking of knitting, I started this cardigan. I really hated the way they modelled it in VK, but Ravelry changed my mind about it. The stitch pattern is really lovely, but I'm hating having to use size 11 needles--I feel so clumsy using them rather than some nice 5's or 7's! Also, by the time I'm done with the rectangular panel that forms the body of the piece, it will be as long as I am tall. 

I think I'm probably still going to be working it by this time next winter.

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  1. congrats on getting the little house you guys wanted to rent. nothing wrong with being old-fashioned! oh, i couldn't agree more regarding the greatness of vegan chocolate cake! :) it is by far the best!