Crave This! January

A little late, but here to make you smile nonetheless.

I think January is the longest month of the year. It drags on in long, grey days, unbroken by any celebration or milestones. It's still cold, it's still snowing, and everything else just seems so far away. What better way to fill a month like that than with lots of extra knitting?

So, for January, I'm filling this with nothing-but-knit. 
Lots to see, lots to envy, lots to inspire, lots to make.

-Knitting they did-
One of the darlingest and rarest winter creatures, this little guy is probably responsible for the tiny, odd footprints in the snow around your holly bushes.

I love every version of Kate Sonnick's Fake-A Gamo clutch purse. The stitch pattern reminds me of snowy Eskimo houses in the Arctic.

Double-stranded colorwork means double warmth. And doubly pretty, especially in this case.

Oh, and in this case.

So what if knitted jewelry hasn't taken over the runway yet? We can make it happen, people. 

I keep imagining a skirt like this with lacy tights and fur-trimmed boots.

This is one of the few times that I've seen a Wenlan Chia design look irresistibly wearable. Don't you just want to make one in every possible color?

It seems like faces are SO last winter. But that's okay when it lets pretty knits like this one shine.

This one's not bad either, now that you mention it.

-Knitting from patterns-
Scarf it up, baby.

Simple, sleek cables add dimension to quick mittens, mmm hmmm.

So does colorwork

Or mix things up with a seriously pom'd hat.

Ooodles of lace to keep anyone busy on a snowy night in. I love the structure.

Boots aren't just for outdoors--and the bobbles on these are simply too adorable.

Perfect cowl, perfect colorwork.

Another cowl, extra-chunky for extra-fast knitting. And it uses just one skein of Twinkle yarn.

-Good knitting things come in kit packages-

10$ from Leethal.

-Knitting to watch out for-

Stephen West keeps hinting on Twitter about Westknits Book Two.

Ditto Ysolda and her upcoming Little Red In The City.

This site is super-intriguing, and I really love the concept.

And that's it.
You know the routine--credit belongs to the lovely people who made this stuff originally.
until next month.


  1. wow, faye...what a collection of inspiring images! the full skirt looks like a shortened version of a twinkle design from one of wenlan chia's earlier books. so chic! and thanks for the linkity on the fake-a-gamo. that clutch is definitely one of my fave versions of the design. xoxokate

  2. love all the great pics especially those cowls. :) thanks for the inspiration!