Of Mountains and Molehills and Zentangles

we all drove out of the city and into the countryside.
If you go for about two hours, you end up in Tibet.
It's beautiful.
Mountains, lakes, trees, rivers...

I felt as tired as all get out,
but I still took pictures--because how can you not?

They hang these flags at the mountain passes;
they have prayers written on them all over.
They believe the prayers go up each time a flag flaps in the breeze.

That's Qinghai Lake--quite the tourist spot for locals.
Somewhere in the middle there is an island where thousands of birds roost.

I, of course, did some knitting on the drive.

I finally figured out what to use that lovely white wool on. The pattern is free on Ravelry, and it's really well-written, in my opinion. Although, I might get brave and try to add some sleeves if I have leftover yarn. I'm a sleeves gal.
By the way, if you ever come to China, this yarn has beautiful stitch definition and cost me about 3$ USD for at least 700 yds, if not more.

I also discovered zentangling on the web and did up a few little sketches.
I won't post those yet, though--they're a little rough yet.

Also, if you want to test knit, send me a Ravmail or leave me a comment with your e-mail!
I need a couple girls who like heels to preview my socks pattern. :)

And that's all for now, lovelies.
Go enjoy your October day.

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  1. I will test knit... although it may take a while to finish this time of year...? ltaylor@ethitec.com
    Nice blg btw!