Knitting On Hiatus?

Yes, I confess.
I haven't picked up the needles since last week.
But I have good reasons.

I spent three days in a place called Tong Ren,
a little mountain town full of Tibetans.
We spent the evenings eating (amazing) Chinese food and gabbing
and we spent the days distributing donated winter clothing
to Tibetan & Mongolian nomads up on the plateau.

It was intense and beautiful and a wee bit more culture shock for me. It was snowing a good bit of the time--lightly, but still--and these little kids would run out in t-shirts and holey, thin socks. So many of them really didn't have anything.
This distribution is something my new friend A sets up every year, and I'm already pondering next year. I have so much warm, durable acrylic at home that I will never use, and certainly don't have an appreciation for--which could easily become chunky hats and socks and mittens...
If you want to contribute, let's talk.

Right before we left, I figured out why people tell you to knit top-down, seamless raglan cardis on circular needles. Yup. So, that's on hold for two weeks until I get home and back to my stash of supplies and my LYS. Along with the new hat design that I simply have to knit in the Buckingham tucked away in my yarn trunk.
Between those two things, I'm feeling a little low on knitting moxie.

The good news is, this trip is actually nearly finished.
I cannot believe I've really been here since July, lovies. I have loved being here so much in so many ways, but it really is time to head back to home and other half and yarn stash. I'm psyched to come back again someday, but you really can't beat being where your heart grew up.
I fly to Beijing on Saturday, stay for about ten days, and then fly home.

Who knows how much knitting or blogging will occur in the meantime.
But, not to fear, I will see you in November!

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