Summer Lovely

By the request of the lovely Evelyn, photos of my finished short version of Grayson...

I surprised myself a little here, because I actually like the short size even more, despite the fact that I normally favor oversizing everything. I used Palette, just like before, but I shortened the border a bit to balance out the look.

These colors scream summer to me. Like African prints, or sea glass.

I got lucky recently and managed to attend an Annie Modesitt class on her combination knitting method. While my town isn't quite backwater Ohio, it's still a bit off the beaten path, so it's always a pleasant surprise when anything like this is scheduled in the area.
I was too shy to try to grab any pictures, but the entire thing was awesome. She was funny, brilliant, and a great teacher. Furthermore, the combination method completely worn me over. It resolved issues I'd had in the past with keeping good tension while ribbing and cabling, and made me feel empowered! The whole thing was just plain fun.

Finally, I did get around to creating PDF versions for my two most popular previously published patterns, Jaymie and Fantastic Mr Fox! Those are probably going to be the only patterns I re-release as PDFs, but all future patterns will be in the new format. You can head over to Ravelry to download them if you like...

Summer, contrary though this is, is my absolute favorite season for craftiness, so there's lots of knitty goodness on the way for these next few months! Stay tuned!


  1. It looks great! The colors are perfect for summer.

  2. Thank you SO much for posting these photos of your summer Grayson. I absolutely adore it ... and, yes, the color combination is perfect and reminds me, too, of African prints or the Sahara desert. I'm going to add Grayson to my queue of projects. Your master class sounded amazing!

    I'm excited that you have posted PDFs of your previous patterns. I've already knitted Jaymie and plan to knit another at some point.