Of ice storms and froggings

Good grief, is it really February already?

It feels like winter is never going to end, but somehow the months are still flying by so fast! I keep hoping that everything will thaw out by the beginning of March, but there's no sign of that here yet. Instead, we've recently had a rather nasty bit of winter, covering everything in ice and then snow and then ice again. Absolutely treacherous to go out in, but so beautiful...

All the extra time spent indoors gave me some opportunities for a little more reflection, upon which I decided to frog everything in my WIP basket, except for my VK cardi. It's a new year--no time for uninspiring things on my to-do list! So I sat down, turned on a Bollywood flick (my ultimate guilty pleasure!), and frogged away. It felt good, if a little tiny bit discouraging. And what better to lift my spirits than a free Spillyjane pattern?
What you see above is the start to my very own pair of Camilla mittens, knit in Quince & Co's Lark. Is anyone sick of me raving about how much I love all their yarns yet? Because I feel like I could go on doing so a while longer. My other pair of mittens is knit in Quince & Co yarn, too--I'm so excited to see how snuggly my hands will be in Lark at such a tight gauge! 
Maybe it's a little late in the season for more mittens, but who cares? 
And, yes, that IS the new Knitscene! It's really, truly lovely.

Meanwhile, all is floating along as planned with wedding plans and moving. He's completely unpacked and organized, and this coming week I'm hoping to get some of my stuff in. We have this incredible basement that's perfect for a crafty studio space, so I want to start setting that up as soon as possible! Believe it or not, I have more crafty stuff than I have regular stuff. Some girls buy clothes. Some girls buy shoes. I just hoard yarns, fabrics, and beads. 

We celebrated the third anniversary of our very first date recently--by going out for Indian food.
Mmmmm, basmati rice. 

Here's to February and hoping everyone can dig themselves out of the snow soon!

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