Crave This! February

This month, Crave This is making its appearance a little early, full of a special handful of things that are pretty in pink to put you in the romantic mood! It is that day today, after all. I was never that into that sort of thing until I started dating my future hubby, who's a true romantic at heart. So this year we're really doing it up--complete with blueberry waffles topped with whipped cream and real maple syrup. Mmm. 

This day really belongs to you, the readers, though! You guys (each and every one of you) are what makes keeping up a blog really fun and rewarding! 
Happy Valentine's Day, friends!

1-Little knitted surprises
So adorable--I keep picturing them hidden all over a room. Pattern here.

Lovely little hat design from Pickles of Norway--there's even coordinating mitts.

I think this scarf would look so darling thrown over a black dress and little cardi, right before you waltz out the door on your way to a fabulous restaurant.

Mittens for holding hands. Too perfect, too cute.

Or socks, for tiptoeing around in while cooking up a breakfast in bed.

And what's breakfast in bed without some cozied-up morning coffee?

2-Seeing Red...
Retro vintage necklace from here.

Super sweet coasters, for the most festive among us.

The print on this fabulous red scarf lists collective nouns of different types of animals, such as a "crash of rhinos"! Awww. Everything else in her store is darling, too.

It's hard not to love such sweetness. The vintage-style balloons on this are what really grab my attention.

Breakfast is the most romantic meal of the day. It really just is. These darling bowls just prove it.

And again, awww. I have a soft spot for artisan jewelry.

3-Things to Send the Old-Fashioned Way
1st of three sassy & sappy tutorials for V-day from Alisa Burke!

The 2nd is created from junk mail--although you'd never guess as much.

And this one keeps things traditional!

There you have it! As usual, everything in this post belongs to the very talented people who created them, and you should check out their sites & blogs if you see anything you're really craving! Now go show yourself and the people around you some extra love. ♥

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  1. Very cute Crave This! I especially adore the hand holding mittens, so sweet!