Just Can't Stop

My WIP basket is starting to overflow, just a little.
I've always been a strictly one project at a time type of gal. Start a project, finish the project, then start another one. Sensible, right? Perhaps--but a little unrealistic at the same time. And for some reason it always resulted in serious knitter's block in between projects, during which I would cast on and then frog an average of four different items before finding something I actually wanted to work on for more than a few rows. Those were messy, depressing periods of time, often resulting in innocent skeins of yarn being thrown at the wall.
Now that I have all this stuff waiting in the wings, however, transitioning after a FO is almost magical. All done with that cowl? Okay! Time for that little ankle sock to get some attention. Bored with the sock three hours later? Look, a hat just waiting to be worked on! It's keeping my creative juices flowing and it's wonderful. I'm never going back.

One of the things I'm having the most fun with right now is a mystery knit-a-long by the delightfully original Lee Meredith. It's not too late to join if you're feeling the craving to, and it's really been a ton of fun so far! Like a lot of her recent patterns, it works with any yarn or gauge--something I wish I had the guts to incorporate into all my designs (maybe someday!). I'd post pictures of what I have at this point, but I think I'm going to wait until it's all over so as not to give away anything! I have my own theories about what's it's going to be, though.

My friend K is getting up to a little mystery knitting as well. The picture's from our first knitting lesson, although calling it a lesson might be stretching the truth a little... Supposedly her knitting will eventually be a hat, but I'm not holding my breath. ;) Oh well. There's still nothing like a bit of knitting fun with a friend, even if said friend lacks focus.

I also just found out that I'm going to get to test-knit Birdwing for Stephen West! I have to admit, he was one of the first Ravelry designers I came across when I started knitting, so he's been an idol of mine for quite awhile. I'm incredibly excited in a really dorky way.

Amidst all this excitement, I've still been able to finish a couple things: Two extra-chunky hats to keep my ears warm since the weather keeps threatening to dump some serious snow on us. Bring it on, December!

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  1. wow. the birdwing looks like i is going to be an amazing knit!