And There You Have It!

Now that it's Monday, it's time to announce who gets one of the jewelry pieces from last week! Congratulations, Leah--e-mail me at travelingbarista@gmail.com with your address so I can send the elephant to you this weekend when I hit the post office!

And thanks to everyone for your sweet comments and for playing.

I've been working more on that swap package so far this week, and I'm actually getting kind of excited about it. The theme of the swap is Winter Sanity, and is supposed to include everything needed to complete a small knitting project, plus other little goodies to add some extra cheer amidst holiday stress. I've been stalking my spoilee enough to know that she's a fairly passionate vegan, so the sub-theme of what I'm sending her is eco-friendly goodness! (Who doesn't love that anyway, right?)

Malabrigo yumminess, dark chocolate, organic lip balm, and amazing smelling soap. If that doesn't help create a little zen this time of year, I seriously don't know what would. The hardest thing for me about doing swaps is how much I end up wanting to keep all the treats for myself!

Rather than just include printed pattern PDFs, I decided to go a little crazy and create custom pattern pages with old magazines, thread scraps, and more little things from my crafty stash. These aren't quite finished yet, but I'm kind of excited about them.

I'm also sticking in some other knitting notions, like a mini packet of Soak, some buttons, a project bag, and a carved wooden shawl/scarf pin shaped like a little seahorse that I picked up in at a Tibetan market in Xining. I love planning all this stuff out--it's like Christmas got here early!

Anyone else getting an early jump on things?

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  1. Wow, thanks! I'm emailing you now. Sounds like a fun swap, too :)