Oh, Saturdays

It's kind of fun to have an industrious day. It's not even 2 pm, and I've already:

-Power-cleaned the entire house, including places that haven't seen a sponge in quite some time.

-Drawn out sketches for most of the prospective designs currently floating around in the back of my mind. If I stay this motivated, some of them will be released this month.
(Let me know if you like test knitting!

-Made chunky tomato-basil soup! This is actually for tomorrow, but it smells soo good that I really want to eat it now instead.

And now I'm going to answer some long over-due e-mails (well, try to, anyways), make myself some lunch, and then start winding yarn so I can cast on something fun!

The sunshine is finally back--I think that's why I'm getting so much done today.

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