Okay, so, it's finally time for some updates about what's been on the needles lately. I've been meaning to write about my love affair with knitting since I started this blog--I really wanted to it to be totally open so I could write about anything that had ensnared my fancy at the moment.

However... I got a little carried away with recipes. I LOVE cooking & baking, and a nice dish of pasta is a lot easier to take a picture of than something that you actually wear.
(Did I mention that I really do just use a shoddy flip-phone to take pictures? We aren't talking a cool, cutting-edge anything here. Its like three-ish years old.)

So, with that said, be prepared for a more balanced version of Cravings from now on.
The hope is that it really will be a sampling of everything delicious.

Speaking of delicious... I finally took pictures of my version of the Context Scarfette.
I kinda hated it originally because it doesn't lie nicely, but a really aggressive blocking helped a little with that, and then I found a gorgeous seahorse shawl pin
(for less than 1 USD, squee!)
at the market a week or so ago that made all the difference.

See how that center edge curls, there? It was even worse prior to blocking.

Ah, yes. If you can't be conventionally pretty, just try out the 'hot librarian' look.
I was trying to smile, but I think I look a little peeved. Perhaps because of the effort I'm putting into getting the camera angle right.

And above, my shortened version of the Wealthy Peasant Socks...
(Free pattern on Ravelry, yay!)
First time I've ever tried a short row heel, and it was way easier than doing a flap,
but I don't think it looks as nice.

These are wonderfully squashy and cosy,
perfect for cool nights here in Xining--
or sliding on lino floors!

Yes, yes I have been doing that a lot since completing these.

I still need to add the pom-poms though
so I can feel more like a forest elf romping indoors.

Finally, it's hard to resist yarn when it's about two dollars for a giant hank.
I've been stocking up!

-Bottom left: You can't really tell, but this is gorgeous, multi-hued burgandy sport-weight wool.
I think it's going to end up being legwarmers.
-Bottom right: Single-ply worsted (ish) wool, so super soft and fluffy. I just want to roll around in it for about fifty years or so.
-Top Right: Really nice acrylic, methinks. I have a wedding to go to my first week home once I leave China, and I told myself that was a good excuse to buy yarn for a shrug--even though I already had bought way too much. We'll see if I actually follow through.
-Top Left: Recognize that one? Same as my new SOCKS!

Knitting is bliss, it really is.

I have more projects waiting in the wings,
which I promise you'll get to see sooner or later!

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