Bipolar Bread

This is what happens when you use a gas oven in China and don't turn your baking sheet around about halfway through:

Yup. Sad, isn't it?
However, the parts that aren't slightly blackened or slightly undercooked are really worthwhile and delicious. The recipe is from here. I was really impressed by the whole process. I'm a sucker for good bread with nice crust, and it was pretty effective at producing some with minimal effort or braininess. I might have to copy it into my recipe stash notebook.

I ate the first chewy, warm slice with whole-grain mustard.
Oh. My. Yes.

In other news, the more time I spend on Ravelry, the more I want to knit, but the less time I actually spend on knitting. I feel like this is a phenomenon that should be investigated, but I'm too busy oogling mitten patterns to do so.

Must. Not. Spend. Money. On. The. Pretties.

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  1. I've only just started exploring Ravelry, and I'm finding the same issue. I spend so long sifting through all these great patterns that I really want to make, but I just keep looking at more and flip flopping over buying wool >.>