Doing a 180 (or, WIP Wednesday)

You've probably never wondered why I started designing my own knitting patterns, but I'm here to tell you anyway. The answer, you see, is quite simple: I'm a picky knitter. No, wait, I'm a very picky knitter. Obnoxiously so.

What that means is that I will sit down with some yarn, and know exactly what I want to make with it.

Down to every last detail.

And then, because I am also lazy and would rather pay someone else to do the work for me, I will spend hours on Ravelry looking for exactly what I want in pattern form. This often leads to light swearing, especially when my browser crashes while I have fifty Ravelry tabs open. 

Eventually, I get frustrated, give up, and start knitting. A new pattern is born. 

All because I'm just so dang picky.


Now, what you have to understand is, after I wrote my last blog post, what I thought was hot weather in Atlanta (70s-80s) became HOT weather in Atlanta (80s-90s). And every time I opened my mouth to complain about it, someone told me, "oh, just you wait." So I started getting a little worried.

I mean, come on guys, I'm from Ohio! It's only June! If this is June, what about August?

And then I started rethinking my statements about seasonally-appropriate knitting. And then my lovely housemate brought me home four skeins of vintage-y (early 1990's, maybe?) thick & thin cotton fingering-weight from the thrift store where she works. So I caved. 


I started looking for the perfect pattern, and never quite found it. 

But the WIP (oh, hey, I'm actually doing a Work-In-Progress Wednesday! yes!) is currently on my needles. Trucking along happily. And, if I'm lucky, may actually become my first published garment pattern. But first I have to finish knitting it -- without getting too much sweat on the needles.


In the meantime, here's my mini inspiration board of what I've got going through my head for this sassy little design...

What are you working on this week??? 

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